Guide: Adobe's InCopy manuals and additional resources

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Screen_Shot_2013-05-21_at_10.49.56_AM.png Adobe's complete 257 page manual for InCopy

Adobe InCopy's different tools, features, keyboard shortcuts, and functions can be found in Adobe's manual on their website.

You can open the PDF (5MB) by clicking on this link or right click on it and choose to save it.
Screen_Shot_2013-05-21_at_1.41.27_PM.png Adobe's InCopy help and tutorials page

A great resource for learning about InCopy can be found at here:

You'll find all of the same information as in the PDF (mentioned above) online here, including a complete list of all keyboard shortcuts.
Screen_Shot_2013-05-21_at_1.40.46_PM.png Adobe's InCopy page about editing text

On this page Adobe outlines all of the basics when it comes to editing text with InCopy. Include selecting text, pasting text, showing hidden characters, adding table columns, using conditional text, and more.

This is an ideal place to begin if you are new to InCopy. You can find this page on here.
Screen_Shot_2013-05-21_at_2.06.22_PM.png Adobe's InCopy forum for help and troubleshooting

If you're experiencing problems with InCopy – or just have a question you need answered – visit Adobe's forum for InCopy. Here you'll find the most common issues and solutions - as well as important information about updates and more.

You can find this page here:
Screen_Shot_2013-05-21_at_2.03.34_PM.png Adobe's dedicated InCopy page

Can't find what you're looking for on the other pages? Look on Adobe's dedicated InCopy page which has links to downloads, updates, training videos, user forums, and more.

You will find this page here:
Screen_Shot_2013-05-21_at_1.55.56_PM.png is a site dedicated to Adobe InCopy. It includes hints, tips, answers and tricks in a variety of categories. These include: Getting Started, Text and Tables, Galley/Story/Layout View, Import/Export, Workflows, Printing/PDF, Troubleshooting, the InDesign Side, and more.

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