Guide: Troubleshooting 101 (Common issues)

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I cannot edit documents
I cannot save my work to the server
Missing fonts
Issues with PDFs
Issues with installation
Issues with TrackChanges
Issues with Export for Word
Administration help



Problem: I cannot edit documents
InCopy crashes or stops working when I try to open a document Solution
Nothing happens when I select to edit a chapter Solution
"You are already editing this chapter. Save the chapter and try again." Solution
"Error: Failed to locate the application, or install plug-ins." Solution
"Error downloading parameter file or download stops at 5% Solution
"Error: An error occurred when launching the application" Solution
"Document is read only and can't be uploaded. Save to server is disabled!" Solution
I cannot see any text or images in the document Solution
Text is missing or has moved Solution
Document downloads but does not open in InCopy Solution
"Error: "No apps are installed to open this type of link (ctrl)" Solution
The cursor isn't set to let me edit text Solution
Missing Plug-ins "CtrlGlobalUtils.InDesignPlugin" Solution



Problem: I cannot save my work to the server
"Error: The chapter is not checked out and can't be uploaded to the server." or "Error: The chapter token is not valid: HTTP 401" Solution
Error message {"status":"error","message":"unauthorized"} when adding a document in InDesign Solution
InCopy/InDesign "gets stuck" while exporting texts when saving to server Solution
InCopy/InDesign crashed, where do I find the file I was working on? Solution



Problem: Missing fonts
InCopy says I'm missing fonts Solution
How do I install fonts for Windows? Solution



Problem: Issues with PDFs
How do I download a PDF containing multiple chapters? Solution
How do I get a PDF without TrackChanges? Solution
Quality of PDFs varies from user to user Solution
Text appears incorrect or is missing from PDFs Solution
"500 - Internal server error" when downloading PDF Solution
Why are there yellow sticky notes in my clean PDFs? Solution



Problem: Issues with installation
What are the system requirements for CtrlPrint? Solution
Understanding CtrlPrint and its components Solution
How do I install Creative Cloud? Solution
How do I install InCopy CC2015 (v.11.4)? Solution
How do I install InCopy CC2017 (v.12)? Solution
How do I install InCopy CC2018 (v.13.1)? Solution
How do I uninstall CtrlPrint? Solution
What do I need to install? Solution
How do I manually install the CtrlPrint plugins for InCopy/InDesign? Solution
Troubleshooting: Mac "CtrlPrint Transfer Manager" can't be opened because...(unidentified developer/malicious software) Solution



Problem: Issues with TrackChanges
I can't see TrackChanges in InCopy Solution
I cannot accept or reject changes Solution
How do I give other users the ability to accept all changes? Solution
How can I see changes made between two dates? Solution



Problem: Issues with Export for Word
Error: "The Word Export is not correctly installed." (Windows) Solution
Error: "The Word Export is not correctly installed." (Mac) Solution
How do I use Export for Word? Solution
Other issues with Export for Word Solution



Problem: Administration help
There are companies missing when I login as an administrator Solution
I cannot add a new document to a project Solution
My upload fails when adding a new document to a project Solution
How do I create a new project? Solution
I cannot add a user to a project Solution
How do I make another user an administrator for a company? Solution
How do I create a new user account? Solution
How do I unlock a chapter that is locked by another user? Solution
How do I delete the latest version of a chapter? Solution

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