Admin: How to add additional PDF profiles

You can add additional PDF profiles to CtrlPrint if you require PDFs in a different format, such as spreads or higher resolution, than the default provided. (A preset for clean PDFs is created automatically when TrackChanges is activated.)

To this you need to upload a ".joboptions" file to CtrlPrint. (.joboptions is the file format used by Adobe to define a PDFs settings.) Presets for spreads, high resolution PDFs and timestamps can be found here.

If you need to create a more custom .joboptions file you can do so in InDesign, instructions are found here.


How to add a custom PDF profile to CtrlPrint

Once you have downloaded, or created your .joboptions file, you will need to add it to CtrlPrint. To do this you must be an administrator.


1. Login first as a user and then as an administrator.

2. Select the project.

3. Click on the "Project" menu and select "Change PDF profiles". (See below.)


4. Click on the "Choose file" button and select the .joboptions (this cannot be in any other format, such as a zip file) file that you want to add to the system.

5. Give your new profile a name.


6. If you are using TrackChanges you can select whether or not you want these included.

7. Click "Add Profile".

Note that PDFs are created locally each time a user uploads a file to CtrlPrint, any new profile you add will not be available for download from CtrlPrint until a user has first downloaded each chapter and then saved them back to the server.

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