Guide: How to set user permissions for chapters and projects

Steps for setting up a new project:

  1. Create the project
  2. Add chapters
  3. Add users
  4. Set user permissions

After you have created your project, added the chapters and the users it is time to give the users the proper permissions.

To set permissions you must be an administrator. Once you have logged in as an administrator (found beneath the "Help" menu when you are logged in as a user) select the company and then the project you want to set permissions for from the left column. 

Under the "Project" menu select "Set permissions".



For each chapter you can set a particular level of access.  And you can do this either individually, by the user or by the chapter (by using the "ALL" button.)


Different access levels

Edit Layout - This is for users of InDesign only.

Edit Text - This is for users of InCopy only.

Read & Comment+ - This opens the document in InCopy as read-only. Users cannot edit the document.

Read & Comment - User only has access to PDFs.

None - User cannot access this chapter.



Give each user the permission levels they need for each chapter. (Don't forget your own!)

If there are users not listed in the matrix it is because they have not yet been added to the project. If there are chapters missing it is because they have not yet been created.

Once users have been given permission to access the chapters the InDesign documents can now be added to the system. More information about how to do this can be found here.

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