Guide: How to create a new user account

Selected the company, click the "Company" menu and choose "Add user".




Fill out the form with the user's details.

You must include a valid email address for the user. This is used for password recovery and when CtrlPrint needs to contact users. A phone number is recommended but not required.

Note that you can only change the name portion of the username and not the company name (the first 4 letters).

Under the "User category" you can set the user's role: "User" or a form of "manager". Managers will receive an administrator's password and access to the administrator's section. "Project managers" can administrate particular projects they have been given access to. "System managers" can administrate all projects and users for companies they have been given access to.

Once you click "Add" the user will be created and you will have the option to send an invitation to the user:


After clicking "Send invitation" an email containing the above information will automatically be sent to the user.

For security reasons the user's password is not displayed. Instructions for how the user can receive their password (and administrator's password if required) are included in the invitation.

This invitation can be resent (or sent at a later time) from the user's information page. This is found by selecting the company as an administrator and choosing "Show/change users" under the "Company" menu.

You can also give users access to projects that you administrate. (They can also be added to projects at a later time. More information about this can be found here.) Remember to click update.

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