Guide: How to delete a chapter version

Note that this will only remove the latest version of a chapter. If you wish to remove the entire chapter please see the page found here.

Select the project, click on the "Chapter" menu then select "View/edit chapter":


Click on the chapter name:


Click on the "Chapter" menu and select "Delete chapter version".


You will see a list of the different chapter versions:


Note that you can only delete one version at a time, and you can only delete the latest version. You also cannot delete a chapter version that is checked out.

Click on the "Delete" link - you will be asked to confirm.


The chapter version is now deleted and the previous version is now the current version.


If you do not see a link labeled "Delete" (as above) it is because the chapter is currently locked by a user. If you need to unlock it please see the page here for more information.

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