Guide: How to change the status of a chapter

There are three options available for a chapter's status:

toggle_icon_kapitel_1.gif Template - The InDesign file is set up for editing.

toggle_icon_kapitel_2.gif Text exists - Copy has been added to the file for editing.

toggle_icon_kapitel_4.gif Chapter finished - Work is complete on the chapter. (All comments must be set as "Done" to use this.) Users will no longer be able to edit the chapter if this is selected. For that reason this can only be set by administrators.

The status for a chapter appears as an icon next to the chapter's name for users:



To change the status of a chapter to "Chapter finished" you must be logged in as an administrator. Select the company name and the project then click in the "Chapter" meny and choose "View/edit chapter". From the list select the chapter.


Select the "Chapter" menu again and choose "Change status":


Select one of three status options available:


Don't forget to click "Change" when you are done.

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