Admin: How to create a new PDF preset with InDesign (.joboptions)

PDF presets can be created in Adobe InDesign and added to CtrlPrint to create PDFs with your own defined presets for a project. This includes spreads, higher quality images, timestamps etc. See Adobe's guide for different PDF settings available here if you need more information.

For information about how to add a PDF preset to the system please see the page found here.


Note that including TrackChanges or not is applied when you add the preset to CtrlPrint and is not among the preferences here.


1. Open Adobe InDesign and choose the option "Define" under the "File menu" via "Adobe PDF Presets".



2. Click "New…"



3. Name your new profile and define the settings that you want. (If you would like to include a timestamp this setting is called "Page Information" and is found among the "Marks and Bleeds" options.)



4.  Click "OK" and in the dialog box select the preset that you have created from the list. Then click "Save as".



5. Name your .joboptions file and choose a location to save it.


6. You can now add your .joboptions file to CtrlPrint which will create PDFs with your settings. (Note that you will need to download and upload chapters at least once after adding the PDF preset before the PDFs will be available.)

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