Guide: How to save your work

When you download a document for editing is is saved on your computer. (You are not working with a document on a server.) This document is placed in a folder called "Temp" and opened in InCopy/InDesign. (Information about the "Temp" folder and where it is located is found here.)

Saving to the server

When you "save to the server" your work is saved locally and then uploaded to the server.  The document will be closed and become unlocked. You should consider saving to the server every couple of hours. The more often you save your work the less likely you will experience a problem where your work is lost.

To save to the server click on the "CtrlPrint" menu and select "Save to server". (See image below.)


After selecting "Save to server" a dialog window will ask you to make a comment. (This is optional.)

Enter a comment and click OK.


After entering a comment Transfer Manager will open upload the chapter.


Once the chapter has been uploaded (see image above) you will see a new version of the document on the CtrlPrint web portal indicating your name and the time and date. (Image below)


Your work is saved to the server and others can access and edit the latest version.


Saving locally

Save your work periodically so you don't lose any changes if the application or your computer crashes.

InCopy does not have an auto save function.


Saving locally is done by using short cut Ctrl+S. (Cmd+S on a Mac.) You can also save your work by clicking on the "File" menu and selecting "Save Content" or "Save All Content". (See image below).



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