Guide: How to download a chapter for editing


To make amends to a document use the function "Edit chapter".


Using "Get Chapter" or "View Chapter" will open a read-only versions of the document.


1. Once you have logged in select the company and then the project you want to work on. You will then see a list of different chapters. (See image below.) 

2. Select the chapter you would like to edit, then click on the "Chapter" menu and choose "Edit chapter".

If you cannot select the chapter from the left column it means that you have not been given permission to access it. If you need access you should contact your project manager.



3. Click on the "Edit Chapter" link to download the file.

Depending on the web browser you are using you may receive a dialog window about selecting CtrlPrint Transfer Manager, follow the instructions to ensure that the document downloads as it should.


4. After clicking on "Edit chapter", CtrlPrint Transfer Manager will open and you will see the progress of the download. Once the document is downloaded it will automatically launch and open in InCopy/InDesign.




5. When you click on "Edit chapter" the chapter will be"locked" (checked out) by you. This will be indicated by a red padlock icon (see image above). If you do not see this icon the chapter is not checked out. When you save the document back to the server (more about this here) the chapter will become unlocked.


If you are having trouble please see the troubleshooting sections found here:

CtrlPrint Web Portal

Adobe InCopy

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