Guide: How to add a document to CtrlPrint from InDesign

Before adding a document to the system please see this page to ensure that you do not encounter any potential problems. You do not need to be an administrator to add a document, however you will need to have been given the proper permissions for each chapter before you can do so.


After you have prepared your document open it in InDesign.


Click on the the "CtrlPrint" menu and select "Add Document". (If you are missing the "CtrlPrint" menu you will need to install our plugins which can be downloaded here. Check also to make sure that Transfer Manager is up to date!)

In the dialogue window that appears fill in your credentials:

Credentials for logging in to add a chapter
Address - This is the address you use when you log in to CtrlPrint. 
Name - This is the username you use with CtrlPrint. 
Password - This is the password you use with CtrlPrint. (This is your user password and not your administrator's password.)


If you are having trouble logging in please see the page found here.


After you have logged in you will see a dialogue window:


Here you can select which project and chapter you want your InDesign to be associated with. After you click "OK" the document will be uploaded to the server and you will see that "Version 1" is available once the upload is compete. Your document is now ready and can be downloaded and edited by other users.

If you are having trouble choosing a chapter and uploading a document please see the page found here.

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