Guide: How to work with "comments" and "version comments"

There are two types of comments when using CtrlPrint. A "version comment" is made when you save a document to the server. The other type of comment is made on the CtrlPrint web portal. (These are referred to simply as "comments".)


Both types of comments are displayed when you select a chapter or if you click on the "Chapter" menu and select "Show comments":


Version comments

When you save a document to the server you can leave a comment about the version you are saving:


Comments used here communicate to other users what has been changed in the document. It is also a good way to inform users that tracked changes have been accepted.



All users can leave "comments". Select the chapter and click on the text box in the comment form:



You can inform users responsible for the layout. (Users with InDesign at the agency.) If you choose to inform them they will receive an email indicating that a new comment has been made.


InDesign users will receive an email:



Unlike "version comments", when making a "comment" users can set a status which makes it easy to see whether a task has been completed or not.


When you change a status the colored bar on the left side will change:



You can filter comments by using the checkboxes:



Unlike "version comments" administrators can delete "comments" once they have been marked "Done". Information about this can be found here.

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