Guide: How and where do I download PDFs

To create a PDF that includes multiple chapters see the page here.

Note that PDFs available for download via CtrlPrint are those which have been uploaded by users when they save a document to the server. Missing fonts and image quality will be based on the user who uploaded the file and not the user downloading it.

The following examples illustrate how to download PDFs via the CtrlPrint web portal. You can also create a PDF of a document in Adobe InCopy, information about this can be found here. Information about downloading PDFs that do not include TrackChanges (or use an alternative PDF preset) can be found here.

The "Overview" page

Click on the project that contains the chapter you want to access in the left column (or use the "Overview" option found beneath the "Project" menu.)

Click on the arrow that appears to the left of the chapter title to view the latest versions and their PDFs.



Clicking on the "Get PDF" link to download the PDF.

If you need to download a PDF that uses as an alternative PDF preset (such as one for a clean PDF without TrackChanges) click on the "Show" link:


Click on the PDF link. If there are profiles that are missing or unavailable please contact your agency or project manager.


The "View chapter" page

To download the latest PDF of a chapter,  select the chapter in the left column and then select "View chapter" found beneath the "Chapter" menu:


Click on the "PDF" button. 



The "Show earlier versions" page

If you need a PDF of an earlier version of a chapter, click on the "Chapter" menu and select "Show earlier versions":


Click on "Get PDF" or "Show" for any additional extra PDFs that are available.



The "Create and download PDF" page

If you need to create a PDF of multiple chapters see the page found here.

Select the chapter and click on the "Chapter" menu then select "Create and download PDF":


Click on "Download PDF" to download the default PDF available for the latest version. Or choose another preset and multiple chapters:


Note the following:

1. Click on "Show all chapters in this project" to get a list of all chapters.
2. If you have more than one PDF preset you can choose it here.


The "Show extra PDFs" page

If you have additional PDF presets you can access these using this page. Select the chapter from the left column and click on the "Chapter" menu then select "Show extra PDFs":



Click on "Show PDF for the latest version" to download the PDF.

If no option is available here or a version is unavailable contact your agency or project manager.

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