Guide: How to create a PDF using InCopy

With the document open in InCopy select the "Export" option either from beneath the "File menu" (see below) or by using the shortcut: Ctrl+E (PC) or Cmd+E (Mac).


Choose the location where you'd like to save your PDF, give it a name and make sure that the "format" is set to Adobe PDF (Print). (Marked in red below.)

Click "Save".


Select which pages you want and if you want spreads or not. (See image below.) In most cases you will not need to change anything here, however see the instructions further below for how to export a PDF with only certain pages.


In the "View" option, at the top of the image below, you can change from "Layout" to "Galley/Story". This will create a PDF that just contains the text (no images or tables) including any over matter.

Click on the "Export" button to create your PDF.


Creating PDFs of only one or more pages

If you want to create a PDF that only includes only one or more pages you can change the "Range" in the dialog window above as follows:

Range set to create a PDF including page numbers 25-30

From the dropdown menu select the format available (in the image above it is "A4 V", this will vary by project) and then add a colon (:) followed by the page number(s). If you, in this instance only want page 25 exported as a PDF you would set the range as A4 V:25


You can also use absolute page numbers if you are unsure of the page number in the document.

Range set to create a PDF of only the first page in the document.

Simply use the plus symbol (+) followed by the pages you want exported. +1 would be simply the first page, +3-5 would create a PDF of pages 3-5.

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