Guide: How to download a PDF containing multiple chapters

If you just need a single PDF of a chapter or an earlier version see the page found here.

Note that PDFs available for download are those which have been uploaded by users when they save a document to the server. Missing fonts and image quality will be based on the user who uploaded the file and not the user downloading it.

Select any chapter that is part of the project and click on the "Chapter" menu then select "Create and download PDF":



Note the following:

  1. Click on "Show all chapters in this project" to view a list of all chapters.
  2. If you have more than one PDF preset you can choose it here.


Select the chapters and PDF preset and click "Download PDF".



If the alternative PDF, one with another preset, you are trying to download is not available it is because the chapter has not been downloaded ("Edit chapter") and saved ("Save to server") since the PDF preset was added to the system:


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