Guide: What are the system requirements for CtrlPrint?


System Requirements
Operating System

Windows: 7, 8, 10**
(XP and Vista are not supported.)

OSX/macOS*: 10.9 – 10.12
Mavericks, Yosemite,  El Capitan, Sierra**

**There is no support for CS6 in Sierra or Windows 10.

Web Browser
We recommend that you have a *modern web browser that is kept up-to-date, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge and Safari.
*Defined as a version still supported by the developers. In most cases this is the last two versions, and in some cases only the latest. For Internet Explorer, Microsoft only offers support for version 11 and higher. We recommend IE 10 or higher.
Document Editing 
All users working on the same project must have the same CC version. (We do not support CC2018.) The year notation specifies different versions and not updates. If an incorrect version is installed a user will not be able to open documents.
Adobe's system requirements for InCopy can be found here.
Adobe InCopy (Text editing)
We support CC2015.4* and CC2017**

Adobe InDesign (Layout)
We support CC2015.4* and CC2017**

 *Our software presently works with earlier versions however we will no longer be providing bug fixes or support for them. CC2015.4 is the latest update to CC2015, it includes vital bug fixes and is extremely important to perform.
**CC2017 requires macOS 10.11 or higher.

Viewing PDFs 
A recent version of either Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader - such as a web browser or Apple's Preview application.
All users working on the same project should have the correct fonts installed.
We recommend OTF (OpenType) for compatibility between Mac and Windows.
CtrlPrint Transfer Manager
The latest version of Transfer Manager, which can be downloaded from the installation section here. This application takes care of uploads, downloads and installation of the correct plugins for InCopy/InDesign.
Bandwidth We recommend at an absolute minimum of 10 Mbps upload and download.
Internet We recommend you have a stable internet connection capable of handling the uploading and downloading of large files.
Memory We recommend at least 4GB of RAM.
Firewall Open for http (80), https (443).


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