Guide: What do I need for CtrlPrint to work?

To work with CtrlPrint you should have the following:


1. A fast and stable internet connection (we recommend an absolute minimum of 10 Mbps upload/download speed).
You can check your connection speed using


2. Adobe InCopy/InDesign installed (a Creative Cloud subscription is required)
All users in a project must use the same version of CC. We support CC2018,  CC2019 and 2020. If you are unsure which version you need please contact the agency you work with. (InDesign users may also need to install our plugins (to add our menu). These can be downloaded here.)


3. CtrlPrint Transfer Manager installed (no serial number or license is required)
You can download CtrlPrint Transfer Manager here.


4. An account and credentials for logging in
If you need an account or have forgotten your credentials contact your administrator who will be able to create these for you.


5. Appropriate permissions (set by an administrator) for accessing documents
If you are unable to access a project or chapter because you do not have permission please contact your administrator who can correct this.


6. A PDF reader (for viewing PDFs)
We recommend Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, Reader can be downloaded free of charge here. You can also use your web browser to open PDFs.


For information regarding the system requirements for CtrlPrint please see the page found here.

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