Guide: How does my account work?

Your Account

To use CtrlPrint you will need a user account (created by an administrator or CtrlPrint). Each user should have their own account and each user should have only one account.

User accounts are created by administrators (or by CtrlPrint) at the start of a project. If you have completed your project – and will not be using CtrlPrint in the future – it is advisable that you have your account deleted.


Username and password

To access documents with CtrlPrint you will need to login with a username and password. You will be receive a randomly generated password which you must change after logging in the first time.

If you forget your password you can request a new one on the login page.


User information

Keep your user information up to date, you can do so by selecting the option "Change user information" under the "Team" menu in CtrlPrint.


Administrator's account

Administrators will be issued a second password for logging into the administrator's module. This is where you add projects, chapters, users and delegate permissions. To access these pages you must first login as a user and then select "Login as admin" found beneath the "Help" menu.

If you lose your password and need a new one you can request one on the administrator's login page.

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