Guide: Information about CtrlPrint Transfer Manager

What is CtrlPrint Transfer Manager?

Transfer Manager's is used to handle uploads and downloads, open Adobe InCopy/InDesign and install the CtrlPrint plugins.


CtrlPrint Transfer Manager and network security

If there are security measures employed on your network, the following information will enable you to create exceptions so that the Transfer Manager works.

Click on the button below to verify that Transfer Manager is installed. This should open Transfer Manager and display "Installation verified successfully.


Click Here to Test CtrlPrint Transfer Manager Installation


If you do not have Transfer Manager installed nothing will occur when you click on the button above.


Network Information Regarding CtrlPrint and Transfer Manager

CtrlPrint Transfer Manager uses port 443 to communicate



Transfer Manager and a proxy

Transfer Manager supports operation through proxies. On Windows, it supports any proxy configuration that Internet Explorer handles, and on macOS, it supports HTTP 1.1 proxies configured at the operating system level.
Transfer Manager queries the operating system for any defined proxies and attempts to connect using them if any are defined. More information about proxy settings and potential errors can be found here.


Transfer Manager logfiles

If you receive an error message in CtrlPrint and are asked to send the logfiles to support, simply double-click on the message in Transfer Manager and you will be taken to a form for sending the file directly to us.

They can also be found as follows:

The Transfer Manager creates a logfile for each transaction with the server and they are useful in troubleshooting.  Descriptions as to where they can be found is below. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to locate this folder here.

The log files on Windows are located in the folder TransferManager in the Ctrl temp path (%TEMP%\Ctrl\TransferManager).

The log files on macOS are located in the folder TransferManager in the Ctrl temp path (~/Library/Preferences/Ctrl/Temp/TransferManager).

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