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InCopy is a text editing application created by Adobe (the makers of Photoshop). It is used together with Adobe InDesign, the industry standard for working with a document's layout - for newspapers, magazines, books and more.


There are different versions of InCopy however they all offer the same features. We currently support CC2019, CC2018 and CC 2020 (although we do not recommend using CC 2020 for the 2019 production season). We offer some legacy support for CC2017 and CC2015.4 (CC2015.4 is the latest update to CC2015.)


It is important that users working on a project have the same version.


While InCopy features the necessary tools for working with text it is limited in the number of tools for adjusting the layout. It is important that InCopy users communicate with their agency regarding the layout of the document. (This includes  the need for additional pages, formatting in tables, increasing the size of text boxes etc.)


Creative Cloud offers a 7-day trial. This will allow you to use the software for 30/7 days cost free - you will be required to license it after those 30/7 days have passed. (Note that only the absolute latest version is available as a trial.)


  • System requirements for Adobe InCopy can be found here.
  • If you need to install a CC (Creative Cloud) version of InCopy please see the page found here.
  • Manuals and guides can be found on Adobe's page here or our page with a list of resources found here.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for InCopy can be found on here.


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