Guide: User roles and functions available in CtrlPrint

Comparison of User Roles for CtrlPrint


System Manager

Project Manager


Access documents and edit them X X X
Access PDFs (individual chapters and combined) X X X
Change own information and password X X X
Generate new password ("Forgot password?") X X X
Create new passwords for users X    
Add comments X X X
Delete comments X X  
Add version comments X X X
Change comment status X X X
Send email to other users X X X
Send email to whole company X    
Send email to all users in a project X X  
Publish message for whole company X    
Publish message for a project X X  
Create a project X    
Create chapters X X  
Add users to a project X X  
Set user permissions for chapters X X  
Delete chapter versions X X  
Delete chapters X X  
Inactivate chapters X X  
Activate chapters X X  
Inactivate projects X    
Activate projects X    
Add PDF profiles X X  
Set permissions for accepting/rejecting TrackChanges X X  
Accept/reject TrackChanges (with permissions) X X X
Unlock a chapter that is locked by you X X X
Unlock a chapter that is locked by another user X X  
Change a chapter's name and order number X X  
Change a project's name X X  
Change a project's order number X    
*Add a new document to the system X X X


Certain tasks can only be done by CtrlPrint Support, such as creating and deleting companies and activating TrackChanges and Export for Word.


* You do not need to be an administrator to upload a new document to CtrlPrint - however you must have "Edit Layout" permissions for the chapters you intend to upload.

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