Troubleshooting: Missing fonts


If you receive a message, when opening a document, warning you that you are missing fonts (like the one seen above) it is because you do not have all of the fonts that are used in the document installed on your computer. It may also be because you are missing a specific version of a font (bold, light, medium, etc.).

Fonts work like applications – they must be purchased, licensed and installed. It is up to each company to decide which fonts they will use in their documents. CtrlPrint does not supply or deliver fonts to users. It is usually the job of the agency/administrator to make sure that all users receive the fonts and that they are installed.

For more information about how fonts work and how they affect your documents please see the Understanding Fonts PDF found here.

Installing fonts:

If you are missing fonts please contact your administrator or your agency. They should be able to deliver them to you. Instructions for installing fonts for Windows can be found here.


You do not need to have all of the fonts installed to work with CtrlPrint. The message you are receiving is not an error but rather a warning. You can continue to edit the file without any problems, however, be aware there are a number of drawbacks to not having the correct fonts installed:

  • You will receive the warning each and every time you open a file.
  • There will be a large watermark over the document indicating that you are missing fonts. (This can be turned off using the preferences menu.)
  • All text that is shown with a substitute font will be highlighted in pink.
  • Some portions of the text may not be visible because the replacement font differs in size. (This is especially important in tables.)
  • All PDFs created when you save a document back to the server will use the substitute fonts instead of the correct ones. This means there will be a difference in appearance.
  • The texts that you see in InCopy/InDesign may have slightly different typesetting because of the substitute fonts. This means that a paragraph found on the bottom of a page with the correct fonts may appear at the top of the next page with the incorrect ones.

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