Guide: How do I uninstall CtrlPrint?

To uninstall the CtrlPrint plugins (and InCopy/InDesign) follow these steps:


On a Mac

  • Delete the application called "CtrlPrint Transfer Manager" found in your applications folder. See image below.
  • You should also delete the "Ctrl" folder which contains the files that you have downloaded using CtrlPrint as well as the plugins which are used with InCopy and InDesign.  This folder can be found using the instructions on this page. (Note that you should remove the whole folder called "Ctrl" and not just the folder it contains called "Temp" if you want to remove our plugins.)


  • If you need to uninstall Adobe InCopy/Adobe InDesign you should use the "Uninstall" option found in the Creative Cloud desktop application. An uninstaller is also found in the folder which contains the application in your "Applications" folder.



On a Windows PC

  • Delete the application called "CtrlPrint Transfer Manager" by using the uninstall function found in the "Control Panel".


  • Delete plug-ins: After you have run the uninstaller you can delete the folder called "Ctrl" found in the following location: C://Users/[USER]/AppData/Roaming/ - where USER is your account. See image below.


  • To uninstall Adobe InCopy or Adobe InDesign please use Windows' built in software for removing applications. This can be found in the "Control Panel". 

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