Guide: Locating the Temp folder - macOS

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In CtrlPrint Transfer Manager v1.4 and above you can access your TEMP folder by selecting the “Help” menu and clicking on “Open Local Storage”.

First try using the "Open Recent" option found under the "File" menu in InCopy/InDesign. A list of recent files you have worked on should be listed. Make sure the version you open is the correct one.

If you need to retrieve a document that is still checked out by you there is a link to instructions regarding which folder to look for. This is found on the page which shows that the document is locked by you. See image here.



1. Click anywhere on your desktop (or use the icon to the far left in your dock) to open a "Finder" window. Select "Go to Folder...".


2. In the window that opens enter the following and click "Go":


You can copy and paste the search path above.



3. In the "Temp" folder first open the Chapter ID folder. (The image here shows where you will find the name of this folder.)



4. In the Chapter ID folder open the appropriate Chapter Version ID folder. (The image here shows where you will find the name of this folder.)

*Note that the name should NOT include include an underscore followed by a number.



5. In the Chapter Version ID folder open the .INDD file with the Document Name. (The image here shows where you will find the name of this document.)

You may need to right click on the file and select "Open with" – or drag the file directly into InCopy – if you get an error message when you double click it.

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