Guide: Using "Open with" to open a file in InCopy from the Temp folder (Windows)

1. Locate the file you need to open. The file will always end with .indd (InDesign Document) and will contain the name of the chapter and version. Right-click on it and select "Open with…"




2. Click on the "Browse" button.



3. Navigate to where Adobe InCopy is found on your computer. Locate the folder called "Program Files (x86)", or "Program Files", on your C drive.



4. In the "Program Files (x86)" open the folder called "Adobe".



5. Open the InCopy folder for the version you are using. The image below shows CS5.5 however yours may be different.



6. Locate the file called "InCopy.exe", select it and click on the "Open" button.



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