Troubleshooting: "Error: The chapter is not checked out and can't be uploaded to the server."

For Windows users this error message can read: "Error: The chapter token is not valid: HTTP 401"


NOTE: If your company uses a firewall such as Zscaler it can cause this issue because access to our server is blocked. If you are receiving this message when documents are checked out then this could be the cause. If so please request that your IT department create an exception for the domain "".


This error message (seen above) occurs if you are attempting to upload a document that is no longer checked out by you. Often becuase it is an older version of the document that you have already saved to the system or because the chapter was unlocked before you saved it back to the server.


For the sake of document integrity you can only upload the exact version that you downloaded – and only if it is checked out by you. This is indicated by a red padlock icon on the page where you check the document out:


Because the document is not checked out you will not be able to save it back to the server. To work on the file you will need to download it again using, "Edit chapter". If you continue to have problems please contact support.

In rare cases this error indicates a network issue where our server cannot be contacted, such as no internet connection, an unstable network or a security setting.

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