Troubleshooting: "InCopy.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"

If InCopy is crashing when opening a document try the following:

If you are using CS6 check that you have installed the latest update for InCopy. (This issue is fixed in version 8.1.) Start Adobe InCopy and choose "About InCopy" from the "Help" menu, more about this can be found here.
To update InCopy use the "Updates…" option found beneath the "Help" menu.


If you are receiving this error with a specific file, and can open other files,  try the following:

  1. Open InCopy (without a document) from either your programs folder or from the "Start" menu.
  2. Once InCopy is running, from the "View" menu select "Layout View". (See image below.) This will change the default setting for InCopy for how it should open a document.
  3. Try to open the file you are having trouble with again.



If the above does not work:

  1. From CtrlPrint choose the option called "View chapter" found beneath the "Chapter" menu.
  2. Click on the InCopy/InDesign button to download the chapter as read-only.
  3. You will get a warning telling you that the chapter is read-only and cannot be saved back to the server (this is normal).
  4. Once the document has opened in InCopy, download the chapter you are having trouble with again using "Edit chapter".
  5. The document should now open and you can continue working - you can close the read-only version.


If you are still experiencing issues try the following to recreate InCopy's cache and preference files:

Quit InCopy if you have it running and then hold down the following key combination when you restart it:

  • Windows: Shift+Ctrl+Alt
  • Mac OS: Shift+Control+Option+Command

This will bring up a dialog asking whether you'd like to delete the files. If you are unable to access this dialog you can follow Adobe's steps on the following page to manually delete the files (Note that they are using InDesign as an example, simply exchange "InDesign" with InCopy):


If you continue to experience issues the problem may be with the document itself or another software issue. If your IT-department and agency are unable to resolve this, please contact CtrlPrint support.

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