Troubleshooting: Document downloads but does not open in InCopy

Adobe InCopy starts but the chapter does not open:

  • One possible reason is that it is the first time you open Adobe InCopy, in which case the "welcome" window will stop the opening of the document. If you unlock the chapter (more information here) and download it again the document should open properly.

  • A second possibility is an issue with Adobe InCopy or Transfer Manager that will usually be resolved by restarting them.


The chapter downloads correctly but Adobe InCopy does not open (if InCopy starts and then crashes please see the information found here):

  • This can often be resolved by downloading the chapter again (more information here), occasionally a Windows issue may cause the launching of Adobe InCopy to fail.

  • If InCopy has crashed, the process may still be running in the background. This can be solved by starting Task Manager. (Right click in your Task bar – the field where running programs appear – and select Task Manager, or use Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Select the tab called "Applications" and find the entry called InCopy.exe. Right click on it and select "End Process". If InCopy.exe is not listed under Applications check under the "Processes" tab.

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