Troubleshooting: InCopy "gets stuck" while exporting texts when saving to server

NOTE: This issue has been fixed in the latest version of InCopy CC2015 (version 11.4) as well as in InDesign CC2015 (version 11.4).

There is a documented, and reported, bug in Adobe InCopy that can result in the application freezing up while it is exporting texts (or saving stories) after a user has chosen "Save to server". This can also occur when a user saves their work locally. 

To avoid this issue, it is best practice to accept the changes made when a table is copy and pasted within a document. If you plan on moving tables around - and do not have the ability to accept changes in the document - contact your administrator or agency for assistance.

Information about how to accept changes related to a specific table can be found here.


An example of what causes this issue:

  1. A table is pasted into a document (either copied from another file or from within the same file).
  2. Text is removed directly above the table.
  3. Text (or a line break) is added directly below the table.
  4. Attempting to save the document to the server will result in the application freezing up.


The image below shows an example. A table is pasted into the document. A line break follows the table and new text (such as footnotes) is added directly below this. Directly above the table a line of text has been deleted and added above a line break. (Note that these changes can be made by different users at different times.)



When a user then tries to save their work, either locally or to the server, the following dialog appears and the application freezes.



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