Troubleshooting: How do I get a PDF without TrackChanges?

By default, if you have TrackChanges activated, PDFs will contain the markups which indicate where changes have been made.

Download a clean PDF directly from the CtrlPrint website

You can download a clean PDF by any of the following methods:

1. If you need a copy of the latest PDF for a particular chapter - or if you need a PDF that contains all of the chapters you can use the "Create and download PDF" option found beneath the "Chapter" menu. (See image below.)



2. On the "Overview" page (found by clicking on a project name or by clicking on the "Project" menu and selecting "Overview") click on the "Show" link found for any of the versions shown. (See image below.) On the next screen you will see links for available alternative PDFs.



3. You can also get a PDF without TrackChanges via the "Show earlier versions" page found beneath the "Chapter" menu. (See image below.)




Create a clean PDF directly from Adobe InCopy/InDesign

More information about this can be found here.

1. Download a document from CtrlPrint (using "Edit chapter" or "View chapter").


2. From the "CtrlPrint" menu uncheck the option to "Include Tracked Changes in PDF".

3. Now export the PDF from InCopy/InDesign using the "Export" function found beneath the "File" menu.

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