Troubleshooting: Upload freezes during "Exporting story files..."

NOTE: This issue is fixed in the latest update to InDesign CC2015 (version 11.4) as well InCopy CC2015 (version 11.4).

There is a documented, and reported, bug in Adobe InDesign that can result in the application freezing up while it is exporting story files after a user has chosen "Save to server" (or "Add document").

To avoid this issue, it is best practice to accept the changes made when a table is copy and pasted in a document. If you plan on moving tables around - and do not have the ability to accept changes in the document - please contact your administrator or agency for assistance. For information about how to accept only the changes related to a specific table please see the page found here.

Note that if this occurs your work will have been saved and you can recover the file from the Temp folder. (Information about how to do this can be found here.) You should then take the steps mentioned above to be able to save your work to the server.


Below is an example of what causes this issue:

  1. A table is pasted into a document (either copied from another file or from within the same file).
  2. Text is removed directly above the table.
  3. Text (or a line break) is added directly below the table.
  4. Attempting to save the document to the server will result in the application freezing up.


The image below show an example of how this can occur. Below a table has been pasted into the document. A line break follows the table and new text (such as footnotes) is added directly below this. Directly above the table a line of text has been deleted and added above a line break. (Note that these changes can be made by different users at different times.)


When a user then tries to save the document to the server InDesign will freeze up and eventually crash.

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