Troubleshooting: "You are already editing this chapter. Save the chapter and try again."

An overview about understanding how locking and unlocking (checking in and checking out) documents works in CtrlPrint can be found here.

This message does not indicate whether or not you actually have the document open in InCopy/InDesign. It indicates that the chapter has not been saved back to the server since it was downloaded for editing by you.



This occurs when you click on "Edit chapter" while the chapter is still checked out by you.

Before you can download the chapter again you will need to save the version that you have checked out to the server or manually unlock the chapter. 



The above appears when you click on a chapter name.


1. Manually unlocking the chapter

The red padlock icon indicates that the chapter is locked by you and no other users can edit it - this includes yourself if you try and download it again. If you want to unlock the chapter you can do so by clicking on the red padlock icon. This brings up a warning that informs you that if you choose to do this you will not be able to save any work you have done back to the server.


You should only use this option if you are sure you have not made any changes to the chapter or if you are ok with not saving those that you have made.

If you are unsure about when you last checked the document out, and whether or not any changes have been made, procede to number 2.


2. Time indicating when you last checked out the document for editing

If you are unsure when you checked out the chapter you can check the time listed for the "Latest version you have read". Note that the system will show a later time if you downloaded a PDF or read-only version of the chapter after you downloaded it for editing.

If the time is correct and you have not made any changes you can use the solution provided by number 1. If not procede to number 3.


Locating the chapter locally on your machine and saving it back to the server

3. Since the chapter has been locked by you this indicates that it has been downloaded to your computer for editing. To save any work you have done you will need to open the document locally on your computer in InCopy (or InDesign).

  • Open InCopy/InDesign and click on the "File" menu, here you should can use "Open recent" to locate the document. Open it and double-check that it is the correct version. (Otherwise you will receive an error when trying to save it to the server.) If the chapter is the correct version, choose "Save to server" under the "CtrlPrint" menu. This will unlock the document after creating a new version. 
  • If you cannot find the document using "Open recent" you can recover it by locating it in the "Temp" folder. Click on the link called "here" as indicated by the number 3 in the image at the top of this page. This will open a new window which explains how to find the document in the "Temp" folder on your computer. 

    If you need help finding the "Temp" folder please see this page.

    If you successfully open the chapter in InCopy/InDesign from the "Temp" folder, click on the "CtrlPrint" menu and then select "Save to server." This will unlock the chapter after creating a new version.


If the above options are unsuccessful please contact support and we will assist you with further troubleshooting.

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