Troubleshooting: "Error: Failed to locate the application, or install plug-ins."



This error indicates that you do not have the correct version of InCopy (or InDesign) installed on your computer. For example if you have CC2018 and the documents were created for CC2017. Since documents are only compatible with the version they were created with it is important that you install the correct version.

If you are unsure which version you have installed see the page found here. If you are unsure which version you should install please check with your agency.

Information about installing InCopy CC2015 can be found here.

Information about installing InCopy CC2017 can be found here.


This error can also be caused if a user has been given InCopy permissions when they have InDesign – or vice-versa. (You can check this via the "Show permissions" option found beneath the "Project" menu in CtrlPrint.) If your permissions are incorrect you should contact your project manager or agency to correct this.

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