Install InCopy CS6 for use with CtrlPrint


Before installation:
Make sure that you are logged in with sufficient privileges on your computer. An administrator's account is needed for installation. If you need assistance please contact your IT department.
During installation of InCopy you will be asked to enter a serial number which should be supplied to you by your project administrator. If you do not have a serial number you can still install InCopy as a 30-day trial version - at the end of which you will need to enter a serial to continue using the application. You will find troubleshooting pages for help with installation here.
1. Download Adobe InCopy CS6:
  • Download the InCopy CS6 installation files from Adobe's website here:
    (Scroll down on the page and click on the option called "InCopyCS6". Note that there are different language options and that the serial number you have purchased will only work with the one associated with it. A Swedish serial number will not work with an English installation.)

  • Note that there are two files for Mac and three files for Windows and that there are different language options. It is important that you choose the operating system and language that corresponds with the serial number your company has purchased.

  • Step-by-step instructions for installing Adobe InCopy CS6 after you have downloaded the installation files can be found on these pages: Windows | Mac
2. Download CtrlPrint Transfer Manager:
  • Download and install the version of CtrlPrint Transfer Manager you need (either Mac or Windows) by using the links found on this page.

  • Step-by-step instructions for installing CtrlPrint Transfer Manager will also be found on the page linked to above.
3. Install the CtrlPrint plugins (optional):
  • The plugins will be installed automatically when a document is downloaded from the CtrlPrint system, however you can also manually install these if you want to test your network and make sure everything works correctly. You can download the plugins for CS6 by using the links found here.
After installation:

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