Download Transfer Manager for Windows

This is for Windows users only, if you need to download and install Transfer Manager for Mac please see the page found here

The current version of CtrlPrint Transfer Manager looks like this.


Download link: Download CtrlPrint Transfer Manager version 1.4 for Windows ↓
Release date: December 2nd, 2019
System requirements: Windows 10

All versions of InCopy/InDesign use the same version of Transfer Manager.

The CtrlPrint plug-ins are automatically added to the correct version of InCopy/InDesign when you download a document from the system for the first time.


  • NOTE: In addition to Transfer Manager you will also need either Adobe InCopy or Adobe InDesign to use the CtrlPrint system. 
  • If you need assistance installing Transfer Manager please see the page found here.
  • Note that if you are unable to run the installer you may need the assistance of your IT department to perform the installation.


You can test your installation of Transfer Manager by clicking on the button below. (This test simply determines whether or not Transfer Manager is installed. To test your installation of InCopy and our plugins please see the page here.)

Click Here to Test CtrlPrint Transfer Manager Installation


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