Guide: Removing CtrlPrint older plugins and CtrlPrint Transfer Manager (Windows)

Important: Updates to Transfer Manager are handled within the application itself in versions 1.1 and later. If you have version 1.1 or later you do not need to follow the instructions below as they apply only to version 1.0. (Version 1.0 has a black icon, while versions 1.1 and higher have an orange icon.)

If you are updating CtrlPrint Transfer Manager to the new version you should first remove your older version of Transfer Manager as well as the CtrlPrint plugins currently installed for Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy.


1. To remove Transfer Manager navigate to the Control Panel found in the "Start" menu.



2. From the Control Panel select the option to uninstall a program under "Programs".


3. Select "CtrlPrint Transfer Manager" from the list and click "Uninstall". Then follow the onscreen instructions.


Note that the instructions below are for the location of the CtrlPrint plugins when using the old version of Transfer Manager. If you have the latest version, version 1.1 or higher, you will find the plugins in another location.


4. To remove the CtrlPrint plugins from your computer you will need to remove a folder from InDesign/InCopy's "Plug-ins" folder. Start by clicking on the "Start" menu and selecting "Computer".



5. Navigate to your Local Disk (C:)



6. Open the folder called "Program Files" (this may be called "Program Files x86" depending on your version of Windows.)



7. Open the folder called "Adobe".



8. Open the folder for the version of InCopy/InDesign you are using.



9. Open the folder called "Plug-Ins".



10. Here you will find a folder called "Ctrl Publishing" which contains the CtrlPrint plug-ins. Simply delete this folder to remove them from InCopy/InDesign.



You can now install the latest version of CtrlPrint and Transfer Manager.

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