Troubleshooting: "The Word Export is not correctly installed." (Mac)

If you need to resolve this issue for Windows please see the page found here.


If you encounter the issue above please see the instructions below to resolve the issue:


1. Navigate to your user's Adobe folder found here:

[User] > Library > Preferences > Adobe InDesign >

To reach the "Library" folder open any "Finder" window or click on your desktop. In the menubar at the top of the screen click on the "Go" option and then hold down the "Alt" key. While holding the "Alt" key the "Library" option will appear in the menu list. See image here if you need help. You can see the path to this folder here.


2. You will need to duplicate the existing folder for the version of InDesign you have and rename it to correspond with the error message.

If you are using CC2015 this is most likely 11.4. If you are using CS6 it is 8.1. (The specific folder is shown in the error message.)

Select the folder and click "Cmd+C" or right click on the folder and select "Copy "Version 11.0"". Then paste the folder into the same location by using "Cmd+V" or by right clicking anywhere in the folder and selecting "Paste item"

Screen_Shot_2017-11-15_at_12.56.33.png Screen_Shot_2017-11-15_at_12.57.00.png

You should now have a new folder named "Version 11.0 copy":



3. Now rename this folder to correspond with the error message. This is most likely 11.4 if you are using CC2015. (It will be 8.1 if you are using CS6.)



4. Once you have duplicated and renamed the folder try the function again. Note that you do not need to restart InDesign to do this.

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