Guide: Understanding the CtrlPrint workflow for InCopy users

The basic CtrlPrint workflow for InCopy users is described below in 10 steps. 

1. Installation (IT department)

Before a user can start working with CtrlPrint they'll need their IT department to install a couple of things. These include;

2. Project set up (agency)

Before a user can download documents from the system the agency and/or project administrators will need to: 

3. Logging in

Users will be supplied with a username (often by the agency they are working with). To log in:

4. Accessing documents

After logging in to the CtrlPrint web service a user can:

5. Downloading

When a user chooses to download a chapter using "Edit chapter" the following occurs:

  • The chapter becomes locked to all other users (more information about checking out/in files can be found here)
  • CtrlPrint Transfer Manager launches and will display a message indicating the success of the download when it concludes
  • The file downloads to the "Temp" folder
  • Adobe InCopy launches
  • The file opens

6. Working in InCopy

Users work with InCopy on texts and tables in conjunction with InDesign users who work on the layout. InCopy:

  • Is easy to use
  • Is robust with advanced spell checking
  • Allows for editing in layout view
  • Has advanced track changes functionality
  • Allows users to concentrate on the text without disturbing the layout

7. Saving your work - while you work!

Unlike Word, InCopy does not have an autosave function. Which means it's very important to save your work every so often.

To save your work in InCopy:

  • Under the "File" menu select "Save content"
  • Or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S

If InCopy crashes you can recover your work by following the instructions here.

8. Saving your work to the CtrlPrint server

To save your work back to the server from InCopy when you have finished:

  • Choose "Save to server" under the "CtrlPrint" menu
  • The document will be first saved locally
  • PDFs and text files will be automatically exported for uploading

We recommend that you save to the server every 1-2 hours to minimize the risk of lost work.

9. Uploading

After you have chosen to save the document to the server:

  • The document will close in InCopy (since a new version has been created)
  • Transfer Manager will launch (if it is not already open)
  • The documents (text files and PDFs) will be uploaded to CtrlPrint
  • You will see a message in Transfer Manager indicating the success of the upload

10. Chapter is unlocked and available

When the document has been successfully uploaded back to the server:

  • A new version will be available
  • It will be unlocked and available for others to edit
  • The time, date and creator will be updated
  • Any users who have chosen to be informed when the chapter is unlocked will receive an email notification
  • New PDFs will be available to download

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