Important: Updating Transfer Manager (Windows)

If you are still using an older version of Transfer Manager, released prior to November of 2014 (black icon) it is important that you update to the latest version as we no longer support the old version.

There are a number of bug fixes as well as increased stability and a number of new features. These include:

  • Transfer Manager now installs the correct plugins automatically when a document is downloaded. This means users no longer need to install additional software. Transfer Manager will also keep our plugins up-to-date when new versions are released.
  • Transfer Manager now has the ability to handle updates so you will always have the latest version. (This requires you to have the "Automatically check for updates" option activated, this is found in the application's preference pane.)
  • Transfer Manager will now open the correct version of InCopy/InDesign based on which version the document was created in. This is especially helpful to users who work with multiple versions of InCopy/InDesign as they will no longer need to manually switch between designated versions.
  • Better error reporting when a log file needs to be sent to CtrlPrint. (This is done by simply double-clicking on the error in Transfer Manager or by using "Help" menu.)

If you have the old version and need to update it please first see the page here about how to uninstall your current Transfer Manager as well as the plugins before installing the new version.

You will find a link for downloading the latest version of Transfer Manager here.

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