Guide: Using Google Authenticator for iPhone

1. First you will need to download and install Google Authenticator on your iPhone.  The app can be found on the Apple App Store here.


2. Next start the app and click on "Begin Setup".


3. Click on "Scan Barcode".


4. Login to CtrlPrint using your user credentials as normal. After your initial login you will see a window with instructions on how to use two-step verification. Just above the login you will see a QR code which you will need to scan.


5. Google Authenticator will display a six digit verification code which you will enter to login.


6. Each time you login to CtrlPrint you will be asked to enter a six figure verification code. Simply open the app on your iPhone and you will see this number displayed. (It refreshes automatically and you only need to scan the QR code once.)

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