Guide: How to make another user an administrator

If you are a system manager you can promote any of the users that are part of the companies that you administrate to an administrator. The following steps show you how you can do this and how you make them an administrator for a specific company.


1. Select the user's company from the left hand column.


2. Select "Show/change users" from the "Company" menu and click on the user's name from the table shown.


3. On the following page you will find a form where you can change the user's role from "User" to "System Manager" - don't forget to click on the "Update / change user rights" button after doing so.


We recommend using "System manager" for administrators instead of "Project manager" as there are less limitations. "Project manager" should only be used in very specific cases where a user will only be administrating one project.


4. Once a user is an administrator you can assign them to specific companies by clicking on the "Update / Change user rights"  button shown in the image above. Simply select which companies they will be administrating from the list and set them as "Authorized" - don't forget to click "Update" when your finished.

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