Troubleshooting: "The Word Export is not correctly installed." (Windows)

If you need to resolve this issue on a Mac please see the page found here.


If you encounter the error message above please see the instructions below to resolve the issue:


1. In any search field in Windows (in the Start menu for example) type the following:


Press the enter key or click on the folder that appears. (In older versions of Windows this may be called "Roaming".)



2. In the "Roaming" folder that opens find the "Folder" called "Adobe".



3. Next open the folder called either "InCopy" or "InDesign" depending on which application you are using.


Note that there are folders also called "Adobe InCopy" and "Adobe InDesign", these are not the correct folders. You want the one simply called "InDesign" or "InCopy" without the word "Adobe".




4Next right click on the folder that corresponds with the version of InCopy/InDesign you are using. (Version 11.0 is CC2015, 8.0 is CS6, and so on. It will be displayed in the error message if you are unsure.)


If you have more than one version of the application installed you will have multiple folders. Make sure to choose the one shown in the error message.

Note that the folder will end in .0 while the error message indicates differently.



5. From the menu that appears when you right click on the correct folder and select "Copy".



6. Now right click anywhere in the window containing the folder and select "Paste".



7. You should now have a new folder that looks like this:



8. You will need to rename this folder to match the folder missing in the error message you originally received:


Click on the folder name and change it accordingly:



9. Once the folder you created has the correct version number you can retry the Export for Word function in InCopy/InDesign. Note that you do not need to download the document again or restart InCopy/InDesign to do this.


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