Guide: Understanding how PDFs work when using CtrlPrint

For more information see the PDF called "Understanding PDFs when working with CtrlPrint" here.

Each time a user saves their work to the server, PDFs are also uploaded to the system. These PDFs are those which are available to download by users from the CtrlPrint web portal. (PDFs are not created on the server or locally when a user downloads them.)

If a user is missing fonts the PDFs they upload will be inaccurate for all users.


Inaccurate PDFs occur in the following scenario:

  1. User A, who is missing fonts, downloads version 6 of the Corporate Governance chapter.
  2. When the document opens, User A receives a warning about missing fonts.
  3. User A saves their work to the server.
  4. A new version of the Corporate Governance chapter is created.
  5. User B (who has all of the fonts installed) downloads the latest PDF for version 7 - which was uploaded by User A.
  6. Because the PDF was created by User A, even though User B has all of the fonts installed, the PDF will be inaccurate.
  7. This also happens if a user creates a PDF that includes all of the chapters. The portion including version 7 of the Corporate Governance chapter will be inaccurate.
  8. This will also be the case with images which will be rendered in low resolution when an InCopy user (or InDesign user without access to the image files) uploads their work to the server.

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