Quick Guides for CtrlPrint


User and administrator guides for getting started with CtrlPrint:
Language Link Pages Updated
English NEW INTERFACE - User Guide in English 40 Jan 2020
English Quick Guide in English 33 June 2017
Swedish Snabbguiden på svenska 33 September 2015
  Explains the basic elements of the system and  the workflow of logging in, downloading documents, editing, saving and more. For new users we highly recommend using this guide when getting started with CtrlPrint.  
English NEW INTERFACE - Admin Guide in English 28 Jan 2020
English Admin Guide in English 24 May 2016
Swedish Adminguiden på svenska 24 January 2016
  This guide goes through the basics for administrators, including how to add users, create projects and chapters, change user permissions, make other users administrators and more.  


Additional PDF guides:
Language Link Pages Updated
English Setting Up Your First CtrlPrint Project 12 June 2016
  Explains each step for creating a new project, adding documents and users, setting permissions and more.  
English Understanding CtrlPrint and Fonts 8 May 2016
  Explains how fonts work and how they affect the documents used when working with CtrlPrint.  
English Understanding CtrlPrint and PDFs 8 May 2016
  Explains how PDFs are created and downloaded using CtrlPrint. It also explains why PDFs can differ from one version to another.  
English Adobe InCopy Guide 22 May 2016
  Explains all of the basics for using InCopy including installation, working with styles, spell checking, troubleshooting and more.  
English TrackChanges Guide 10 May 2016
  Explains how to use TrackChanges, the CtrlChanges palette, accept and reject changes and more.  


Note that we periodically update these guides to include changes made to the system and to add helpful information.

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