Help: How do I install Adobe Creative Cloud?

About Creative Cloud
Creative Cloud uses a subscription model where users can pay monthly or annually for the applications they need. The current prices are roughly £47 / $60 / €60 / 516 SEK per year with a “Team” account. Individual users can also choose to pay per month at £7 / $8 / €9 / 80 SEK. You can learn more about Creative Cloud and the different options available by visiting Adobe’s website here:


Creative Cloud for Teams
For companies with more than one user of InCopy it is recommended to use “Creative Cloud for Teams”. This allows you to buy multiple subscriptions using a single account. After these have been purchased you can then send out invitations to the different users who will be using the software. For more information about using “Creative Cloud for Teams” and for purchasing see the page found here on Adobe’s website:

A PDF, created by Adobe, with complete instructions for how you administrate "Creative Cloud for Teams" can be found here.


After purchasing: installation
For complete information about installing “Creative Cloud for Teams”, how it is administrated and how applications can be packaged and deployed please see Adobe’s excellent page below which includes links to videos, PDFs and FAQs as well as support information:


Installing InCopy using the "Creative Cloud Desktop App"
After the Creative Cloud Desktop App is installed you can install you can install the correct version of InCopy/InDesign which you need. Make sure that you are logged in with an Adobe account that has an active subscription, trial versions will only give you access to the latest release.


Before installing Creative Cloud make sure that you have agreed with the agency you are working with which version you will use. With a Creative Cloud account you can install different versions on the same computer. If the documents are already available on CtrlPrint you can see which version they were created in, please see the instructions here.

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