Installing Adobe InCopy CC2015 (11.4)

To install Adobe InCopy CC2015 you will need a Creative Cloud account (with a paid subscription for InCopy) as well as the "Creative Cloud Desktop App". For more information about Creative Cloud licensing please see the information here. The "Creative Cloud Desktop App" can be downloaded here.

If you are using Adobe's Creative Cloud Packager for installing CC2015 please use the instructions here.


imp.pngAn important update which should be performed will be available for InCopy CC2015 after it is installed - please see the instructions at the bottom of this page. 


1. Once the "Creative Cloud Desktop App" is installed click on the Apps option.


imp.pngIf your list of applications have only a "Try" button it is because you are not logged in with an account associated with a subscription to InCopy. Please see the link at the top of this page regarding Creative Cloud licensing or speak with your IT department.



2. Click on the button and select Manage.


3. Then choose Other Versions.



4. Click the Install link for CC (2015).


5. The application will now install - note that you may need the assistance of your IT department if you are asked for an administrator's password. If you haven't already installed CtrlPrint Transfer Manager, or if you have an older version (with a black icon) you will need to do so. This application can be downloaded here: Windows | Mac



IMPORTANT: Once CC2015 is installed there will be an update available for it. This is different than the CC update listed, and only applies to CC2015 itself. This update should be performed as it fixes a number of major bugs. Click on the Installed Apps option and then the Update button to update InCopy to version CC2015.4. You'll need to click on the triangle next to the CC listing to display CC2015. (If you are unable to perform this update please see the page found here.)



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