Important information about CC2017

Instructions for installing InCopy CC2017 can be found here.


CC2017 plug-ins

For InCopy users the CC2017 plugins will be automatically installed when they download a document from the system. InDesign users (and InCopy users) can manually install them from the following page if needed:

Guide: Manually install CtrlPrint plugins for InCopy/InDesign


Update InDesign CC2017.1 (Adobe patch after update)

Adobe has released an important patch for InDesign CC2017 users. This update has not yet been made available via the Creative Cloud application and needs to be downloaded from the following page if you have updated to CC2017.1:

Troubleshoot issues after updating to InDesign CC 2017.1

This patch fixes the following issues:

  • Header row goes missing when duplicating tables.
  • InDesign crashes while showing tabbed panel in ScriptUI dialog
  • Startup-Script, which performs action on New Document/afterNewDocument, doesn't work any more because of New Command+N dialog



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