Guide: Manually install CtrlPrint plugins for InCopy/InDesign

The CtrlPrint plugins used by InCopy and InDesign are automatically installed when a user downloads a document from the system. They can also be installed by using the links below. Note that you need to have Transfer Manager installed to do this. If you need to install Transfer Manager you can do so on the following pages: Windows | Mac


Click on the link below for the Adobe version you are using and if you have InCopy or InDesign. Transfer Manager will then open and you will be notified if the installation was successful or not. After the plugins have been installed you should see the "CtrlPrint" option in InCopy/InDesign.


Adobe Version InCopy InDesign Transfer Manager Version Reqd.
CC2015 (v.11) Download Download 1.1 or higher
CC2017 (v.12) Download Download 1.1 or higher
CC2018 (v.13) Download Download 1.2 or higher
CC2019 (v.14) Download Download 1.3 or higher
2020 (v.15) Download Download 1.4 or higher


Plugins for InDesign/InCopy 2020 (v15) are available, however we highly recommend using CC2019 for production this year (as it has been thoroughly tested) and perform your own testing with 2020 during that time. Also please see Adobe's InDesign forum for known issues with 2020 found here.


Please note that we no longer have support for older* versions of InCopy/InDesign.

*CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, and CC2014.

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