Updating Transfer Manager - Windows

It is important to keep Transfer Manager updated. In addition to security improvements we also release updates vital for compatibility with the latest versions InCopy and InDesign.

If you are receiving errors about missing plugins one reason may be that your version of Transfer Manager is out of date.

To check which version you have start Transfer Manager by clicking on the button below: 

Start Transfer Manager

Under the "Help" menu select "About CtrlPrint Transfer Manager":


Version 1.4 (or higher) is required for using InCopy/InDesign 2020 as well as the CtrlPrint XBRL Tagger. Version is 1.3 (or higher) is required for using CC2019.



To update Transfer Manager click on the "Preferences" option under the "File" menu.


In the window that appears click on the button labeled "Check for updates".

Note that you may need your IT department's assistance to perform this update.


If an update is available you should perform it. You will be asked to close Transfer Manager and then be guided through the installation process. When asked which installation type to use choose "Typical".


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