Troubleshooting: Missing Plug-ins "CtrlGlobalUtils.InDesignPlugin"



The above message in either InCopy or InDesign indicates that you are trying to open the document without our plugins installed. This can be caused by the following reasons:


1. InCopy/InDesign was running the first time you downloaded a document from CtrlPrint.

Restart InCopy/InDesign and make sure that the "CtrlPrint"-menu is available in the menu bar (next to "Help"). If so you can download the document again for editing. (If the chapter is locked you can unlock it by clicking on the red padlock on the chapter comments page.)


2. You need to update Transfer Manager.

See the page about checking which version you have and how to update Transfer Manager found here for Windows, and here for Mac.


3. The chapter is opening in the wrong version of InCopy/InDesign.

If you have installed a version different from the one which the documents were created for and have chosen to open chapters with it then you will see this error. 

If you are unsure which version you need please see the page here. (Links to installation pages of the different versions we support are also found on that page.)

If you are unsure which version you have installed please see this page.


If after installing the correct version you get the message "An error occurred while launching the application" please see this page.


4. A local security setting is not allowing our plugins to download correctly.

Check with your IT department about potential issues with firewalls or anti-virus software which can cause problems. You can check that our plugins are being correctly downloaded by looking in the following location: Roaming > Ctrl > plug-ins 

In the plug-ins folder you should see three files related to the version of InCopy/InDesign you have. For instance, if you are using CC2017, there should be a text file with the version number 12, a zip-file with your operating system type and the version number 12 and a folder with a name similar to the zip-file. If the folder is missing then that indicates something in the network is not allowing our plugins (found in the zip-file) from downloading.


5. A non-Roman character is being used in the username associated with your PC or in the hard drive name on a Mac.

Certain characters such as: é, ä, ö, å etc. can cause problems with CtrlPrint when installing our plugins. If you change your username or the name of the hard drive to use only Roman characters then it should resolve the problem.


6. A Middle Eastern or Japanese/Chinese/Korean version (ME or J version) of InCopy/InDesign is installed.

Go to the folder Users/[username]/AppData>Roaming>Adobe>InCopy. There will be two folders there, one named Version [Version number] and the other with a J or ME at the end. Inside "Version [Version number]" you will find several different language folders, like en_GB. Open one of them and locate the document "pluginconfig.txt". Copy it to all language folders inside the J or ME folder. Start InCopy/InDesign and our plugins should load as usual.

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